David Bozzo is a Catalan composer and violinist from Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain) born in 1980.

He studied in Barcelona with composers as are Xavier Boliart, Albert Sardà and Carles Guinovart among others, and in Castellón de la Plana (Valencia, Spain) with maestro Ferrer Ferran, Claudia Montero, Emilio Calandín and César Cano among others. He also studied violin with Francesc Guarné, Iwona Burzinska and maestro Eduard Arnau.

Although as a violinist his music is developed in the ambit of the violin and all other string instruments, it ranges from symphonic music to incidental music for theatre and has been performed in UK and Spain. He has received commissions from prestigious soloists and orchestras as are Patricia de No, Francisco Jimeno (with who has a permanent project), London City Quartet, Banda Municipal de Música de Palma de Mallorca, Orquestra Simfònica de Sant Cugat and The Angel Orchestra among others.

Some of his music has been recorded, in 2014 his solo violin works were recorded for an album as were his string quartets in 2018 (this album will be released on 2019). Both albums are only available online on iTunes and Spotify at the moment. Some of his scores have been also edited by Clivis Publicacions y Brotons & Mercadal Edicions Musicals. The unedited works can be requested sending an email through the contact formulary of this website.

As a violinist, David Bozzo has a duet with the pianist Clotilde Manuel with who play a wide repertoire that ranges form Bach to music of the S.XX, and with who eventually performs in Catalonia.

David Bozzo is also a music teacher. He works actually in European International School of Barcelona where he teaches elemental piano and violin, and where he organizes also the music exams of the Trinity College of London.