David Bozzo had a project during 2017 & 2018 with the British string quartet London City Quartet. The project included the composition of the David Bozzo’s 2nd string quartet, its premiere in UK and Spain and the concerts and a recording of his first string quartet ‘A la Muerte de un Ángel‘ and this new work.

After a several concerts with his first string quartet, a new one was finished in December 2017 and premiered on January 2018 in UK at St.Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens (Earls Court, London, UK). Its Spanish premiere was on February 2018 at the Sala SGAE of Valencia, before the concerts of ‘7è Cicle David Bozzo’ in which the quartet performed.

On December 2018 London City Quartet travelled to Barcelona to record both David Bozzo’s string quartets. The recording was in Medusa Studio during from 6 to 8 of December, and the album was completed with Schubert’s 10th String Quartet op.125 n.1. Since 2019 this album is available in iTunes and Spotify.

If you want more info about this project you can contact David Bozzo and London City Quartet.